The one-time morning excuse






















Careful with the daylight saving time excuse though! Use at your own risk 😀

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3 Responses to “The one-time morning excuse”

  1. Mariloo Says:


    you seriously did that? 😀

  2. Linda Selwood Choueiri Says:

    just arrived back to Beirut last night, AND had not changed time on phone so put the alarm wrongly, AND woke up last…
    was one week in DK, waited 8 hours yesterday in Istanbul, arrived a 2 am and had to teach 9am….!!! my head is spinning!

    if you are interested maybe come some hours to teach the 4 NEW fashion designers your style for drawing, etc…


  3. Majd Says:

    Hehe, same thing happened to me too that day!
    Woke up at 7 30 instead of 6 30, messed all my day up, arrived late to my 1st course. Time change is annoying and tiring, i hate it :/

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