The kamikaze phenomenon



















I’m sure all of you courageous chauffeurs who drive on the Lebanese highway witnessed at least once the “kamikaze phenomenon”. I can’t believe people find it logical to cross a highway when there is a bridge few meters away. Also note that I chose to put the rather “happy ending” of this phenomenon on the blog because we don’t want any martyrs in here, but unfortunately this phenomenon usually ends rather sadly.


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3 Responses to “The kamikaze phenomenon”

  1. Dayana Damah Says:

    Mayaaaa I really liked this ” The kamikaze phenomenon”, I mean this specific thing really drives me crazy!! I just can’t understand how such people think and how they can risk their lives while the bridges are just steps away…

  2. riad Says:

    lool.. hilarious

  3. Majd Says:

    Haha i watch that twice a day:P

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