Barter: the return.




















Always think twice of the consequences before answering! Well what can I say, freelancing is a tough teacher 😀 Specially regarding fiscal issues. What is sure is that I will never accept barter again. I’m sure them phoenicians invented money for a very necessary reason!

(P.S. I know someone who’d take the chicken! ;)) 

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3 Responses to “Barter: the return.”

  1. a.m. Says:

    I LOVE the blond lady!
    nice uniforms too 😀
    i am a fan lol!

  2. Majd Says:

    The blonde woman has become an international figure:P

  3. w Says:

    thr egyptians invented money
    that why it’s called masare 🙂
    [am i being rnough of a nerd?:P]
    however, phoenicians invented the metal form of money

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