Dear Concierge,




































Lately this has been my daily ‘welcome-home’. I don’t know if it is a matter of luck or coincidence, but things always go in the opposite way. On other days I go out of the car with the door key ready to be used, and I find Mahmoud ready to open the door before me… I guess that’s what they call ‘irony’ and lately irony has been around heavily!

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3 Responses to “Dear Concierge,”

  1. Emile ZANKOUL Says:

    HAHAHA no way ktir awiye 😀

  2. Zouzeta Says:

    I hear you girl 🙂 hahaha

  3. Eric Says:

    Happens to me all the time! Anyways in the first pic you inversed the order of the numbers in arabic on your plate number 🙂

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