High as a heel #2
































And the heel strikes again, and much stronger this time! I love the countryside, and its natural aspect, and was planning to have a rather ‘sporty’ week-end until my mom surprised me with the so-dreaded pair of high-heels, which according to the present family members, are ‘not-so-high heels’. This time I think I will take every single pair of shoes that have the slightest heel in them to caritas once and for all. There are many needy people out there who would rather have them. 

And in case you were busy or if  you live on a different planet and didn’t get to see the #1 of this post (which would help you understand it better), you can see it here.

One Response to “High as a heel #2”

  1. the sis Lara Says:

    Ballerine is the solution 😛 it works for them, its pretty and neat and confy but less inspiring for a story..:P

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