Elections, elections, elections…





















































When I asked about the date of the elections, they told me in JUNE! If the elections pressure is already THAT strong mid april, I wonder what will happen the week before the elections–if we survive till then! All the billboards and unipoles are covered with elections, people talk about elections all the time, radio, TV, internet, everywhere! Its starting to get quite annoying… Please people just take the elections easy, and let’s not make a big fuss about them alright?

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10 Responses to “Elections, elections, elections…”

  1. a.m. Says:

    hey thats just a preview lol. brace yourselves for the unexpected!
    the best is yet to come.

  2. IngZ Says:

    HAHAHAHA! totallyyy waiting for that specific 7 June!a date to remember! I liked the “U can Vote even with Plastic surgery”,thanks for letting everybody to vote :P,hehe coz they r dying for a voter actually!i really liked ur relevant comments Mayazzz!:D:D

  3. moussa Says:

    simply beautiful… excellent… 🙂

  4. Eugenie Bitar Says:

    “tu es un artiste toi “:P:P
    envia este link maya a todas las personas que conoces de verdad lo apreciaran 😉

  5. » “Sois belle et vote”, plus mauvais slogan de la campagne électorale libanaise Says:

    […] sur le blog Maya’s amalgam “Et puis il y a celles [les affiches] qui vont encore plus loin. Même refaite, vous pouvez […]

  6. jad Says:

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/photo_galleries/ that should do it!

  7. layla Harmouche Says:

    Hahahahaha, really nice . Excellent !

  8. Dima Says:

    heyyy mayaaaaA..y3ne shu bedde illek…we(my colleagues and i:P) start our dayyy with yourrrr postsss and we love them..we even forward them to friends..lol..
    goodd work maya..
    ps.did u see the new ads of””””changeee””” with the remote controllll thingg..ma2oulllllllll!!!!!!!1..heheh..u should make one on it..lol

    tC..keep it upp..

  9. Charbel A. Says:

    dunno if u do…but i also hate the young ppl, my age for example(17-18), yale bya3mloule halon fehmanin bel siyese,,,,,eno DUDE WHAT CAN U DO? WHAT CAN U CHANGE! SKOT W ROUH 7KILAK MA3 CHI BENET!!! ma fahamak be chi! (wala fahhamne, proudly)

  10. Liliane Says:

    “Ana rbe7et bil tazkiye, LOL” <– haha

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