Let’s work it!






































Summer is coming soon, and we all need to fit into last year’s swimming suits so it’s the season for sports! It’s  such a pity I had the intention of never stepping in a gym for the rest of my life, because it’s just another system to follow and we already have enough rules… But unfortunately, I think I might be obliged to do so urgently. I was breathless at climbing the stairs to our FIRST FLOOR office this morning… This is serious… And no time for walks or runs in the countryside… What other alternative than the gym machines???

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7 Responses to “Let’s work it!”

  1. Doha Says:

    This blog is extremly hilarious…. keep it up maya !!

  2. Dexter Says:

    You have gone absolutely out of your brains…

  3. Omar Says:

    You’re such a liar! The reason you went up the stairs is because the elevator is OUT OF SERVICE!

  4. rebeccamourani Says:

    hihi mayoush!!!! funny as always!
    bass u’re right sitting in the office all day is deadly :D:D
    that’s why i go walking everyday for an hour in atcl, care to join??:D:D

  5. Majd Says:

    I guess you’d have to avoid elevators everytime you have the occasion to do so, and u’ll improve chwe chwe!

  6. Emile ZANKOUL Says:

    ya bente, lezem ta3emle riyada aktar … ma byeswa pff! heydek el nhar eltellek mache 3al gym :P…ma fike..tfeh!:P hahah jk! yala next week end..or li ba3do, or li ba3do or li ba3do…ill be there anw…just waiting for u…i might rot waiting:P haha

  7. Liliane Says:

    haha i do i do use the stairs, stuff from that sort, but it doesn’t help, we need real exercise! so did you fit in that swimming suit?

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