Up and running















I love this blog, and I love you all, but Im just too overloaded today to tell you a real story… Just bare with me one or two days, and I’m all yours 🙂

6 Responses to “Up and running”

  1. Joana Abou-Rizk Says:

    ya3tike l 3afiyeh mayoush 🙂

  2. jad Says:

    eh ok.

  3. Dexter Says:

    Who do you think you are? Do you think you’re the Reader’s Digest? Keep ironing, washing the dishes and do all the female-related tasks and whenever you’re free show us your genius in here.

    Kidding sweetheart, hope you’ll always be overloaded

  4. Zouzeta Says:

    Good luck!!!

  5. Emile ZANKOUL Says:

    I love the cloths:D

  6. Myriam K Says:

    hehe just discovered your blog! creative and quite funny! chapeau!

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