So happy together!

































I would absolutely rather watch a romantic comedy, with background music and all, instead of watching two of my friends cuddling in a very personified way. Trust me people, you don’t look CUTE when you over cuddle when your friends are around. Why don’t you try keeping your weirdo pet names and cuddling manners for yourselves? Some privacy always adds value to your relationships!

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17 Responses to “So happy together!”

  1. writer4jesus Says:

    I like this and I totally agree with you! Did you make this cartoon or find it somewhere?

  2. Tonto Toufic Says:


  3. Cyril Says:

    I loved the blond girl with the matching shirt and heels, that was hilarious. Thumbs up….

  4. a.m. Says:

    you’re OBVIOUSLY jealous lol
    go find a bf lol 😛

  5. Mariloo Says:

    This is the BEST post ever!!!

  6. Majd Says:

    kooci koochi koo:P hahaha

  7. Doha Says:

    extremly funnyyyyyyy

    u draw the facts in a hilarious way….keep it up !!!!!

  8. Lara Khoury Says:

    Mayoush, best post ever 😀
    and regarding facebook… totally true!!! here are few ones I read recently:

    “hayda el sabe min tizo btichro2 el chamess”
    “3am nen2or koussa”
    “a kiss from his lips is better than a one way trip to Hawai”

    very funny!!! 3anjad!

  9. Zouzeta Says:

    Top Notch!!!

  10. Emile ZANKOUL Says:

    tell me abt it, trust me ive been a victim of that, and i can tell u: it wasnt nice :O

  11. Eugenie Bitar Says:

    3an jadd tu as raison !! ce blog est un oeil critique de la société….
    artiste mwa:P

  12. Myriam K Says:


  13. Anonymous Says:

    bit 3a22id heyde!:D

  14. Valerie Koyess Says:

    bit 3a2id hayde:D
    fou rire pendant 10 min:P

  15. Sarah Says:

    this page is amazing!
    it is soooo true !!

  16. Noor Says:

    That is so disgusting!! I totally agree with you!!
    People who does this! don’t keep anything for themselves!!
    They’re just so faking it, acting “cute” in front of others. And I assure you, that “All that glitters is not gold”.

  17. suz Says:

    omggg!! i have the same problem.. my friends used to be a cool group!! then 6 ppl started dating each other, i kid you not. Now there are 3 lovey dovey couples and the singles became out of place.
    moe is missing his baby..
    melissa can’t stop loving you.

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