Strawberry salad



















































It’s no harm to try new recipes from time to time. I guarantee you that this one is absolutely refreshing and a perfect meal for spring time. Since all (or most of all) the reactions I have received so far are extremely negative and amateur, I’d like to have your input in this… 😉

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12 Responses to “Strawberry salad”

  1. jad Says:

    Sounds more like powerpuff girls recipe!! hatta ur Friends bine’o?? uffffffft wlo

  2. Strawberry salad Says:

    […] Original post by maya zankoul […]

  3. Emile ZANKOUL Says:


  4. Dexter Says:

    Honey you should stop your creative folly and leave space to common sense which ain’t common in your case.
    Here’s a little suggestion try a fish salad with milk and eat lots of it, feel free to add some for an extraordinary taste.
    Did I ever tell you that you’re a waste of oxygen? But still I love you no matter what

  5. Rawan Says:

    is the one in purple Lara ?? 😛 haha..
    looks like a very delicious salad, lashu hal lsen lara eh?? dobbiii !!

    i like maya :)!

  6. Lara the sis Says:

    hahha yes Rawan this is meee i dont like this salad shou fraise ma3 vegetables! lets stick to traditional food sister:P

  7. Zouzeta Says:

    Let me tell you one small hint try pears instead of strawberries….
    It works…
    i already tried it and it had success 😀
    and Lara “the SIS” only traditional people eat traditional food 😛

  8. Zouzeta Says:

    Lara ma belle dont be sad…. you are exceptional 😀

  9. the sis Lara Says:

    hahaha flowers u are the exceptional one
    and btw do u time ur posts? (10:10 and 11:11):P

  10. omaraboumrad Says:

    And i thought you can’t suck at anything more than you do in GD! I was wrong!

    Have you tried my honey noodles? 😀

  11. Eugenie Bitar Says:

    ktiiir taybeh l salade men wara l fraises!” :@
    kif law bi dou2o taba3 l avocats w pommes w pamplemousse!!! YUMMI

  12. Elections preparations « Maya’s Amalgam Says:

    […] What about you, what will you be doing on elections day? In case you missed the recipe, click here to get the strawberry salad […]

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