MSN emoticons









































PEOPLE PLEASE! Easy on the emoticons! It would really save me around an hour a day if you used regular letters and words instead of the beautiful rebuses I keep receiving for sentences… Make an effort, it’s very easy to delete the dancing question marks, or the jumping “OK’s”. Thank you from the heart! 😉 In case you still don’t know how to delete them, you can learn by clicking here.

*PS. The bus emoticon is designed by: Alain!

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14 Responses to “MSN emoticons”

  1. the sis Lara Says:

    hahahhahahahaha so true

  2. jad Says:


  3. Zouzeta Says:

    HIIHIHI it is …..
    Laroush you are the queen of emoticon….. 😛

  4. omaraboumrad Says:

    Its bad. Just as bad as:

    “hw lng wil u b @ wrk nd wat time do u fnish l8tr ur meetng?”

  5. SamSoum Says:

    hahaha…true true…. so damn annoying….. and u cant say … “i didnt understand”… coz ull look stupid 😛 hahahaha

  6. Mariloo Says:


    3a assess you love my emoticons :P:P

  7. Wissam Says:

    From the strip it seems you are using a mac.
    Which msn client are you using? Adium?

  8. tony Says:

    it’s sooooooooooo true …. maya 3an jedd you are talented!!!!

    see you soooooon!!!

  9. Emile ZANKOUL Says:

    HAHAHA! lol no way! eno awal chi balasho emoticons=faces..ok tht was gd…but then letters, and then words…ariban bet sir a whole sentence replaced by an emoticon, damn it :O…dnt u feel too oldfashionned now?:O

  10. Gio Says:

    I AGREE !!!

  11. Majd Says:

    Can U tell us what was the last thing with the bus ?:P

  12. Abdelghani Says:

    Simply Amazing…
    U turn our daily life moments into a really enjoyable illustration…

  13. Redz85 Says:

    LOL nice pictures for the post .

  14. Redz Says:

    Oh, do you have premium adsense account ??

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