Lost in Marina





















































I won’t tell you how I eventually got out of this labyrinth, but I clearly did because I’m telling you the story  right now… And as a conclusion, the following points need to be made: Marina area in Dbayeh needs SERIOUS re-designing. It took me exactly 32 min to get out of it and take the highway. At night the lighting is so weak you can barely see the parked, turned-off cars (which also explains the great amount of tragic car accidents that unfortunately happen there regularly, now I know why!).

As a side note, to those of you who recognized my badly drawn Jack Nicholson character from the shining: Respect! 😉

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8 Responses to “Lost in Marina”

  1. Wissam Says:

    I recognised him, its easy to recognise his psychotic eyes :P.

  2. Rabih Says:

    Hahaha I just loved the Jack Nicholson thing at the end 😀
    I’ve been flipping thru ur blog since yesterday and I must say it’s really good, got me laughing many times, so keep going Maya 🙂

  3. Mohammad Says:

    i can’t count how many times i got lost (and still do) at this marina area…
    next time … do NOT ask ppl (especially jack nicholson, who seems to have lost his way within, and got stuck ever since – no more movies for jack)

  4. jad Says:

    heeeeeeere’s johnny!!!

    And what important lesson can we derive from all this fuss!!?


    i must admit though, the red car with all the action going on inside, that’s pretty neat!!

  5. Emile Says:

    Ya never willlllllllll!!!! haha
    medtara trou7e 3a meetings bnoss el leil bel marina!??!:P

  6. IngZ Says:

    hehe!Totally true!especially the parked carss!hehe i never knew whats the fun of it!u see all the lovers out there!& true shou hayda meetings 2eikhirteh el leil:P:P!

  7. anis Says:

    it does look like jack nickolson actually :p

  8. Marie-Noelle Says:

    Maya!! I gotta say YOU CRACK ME UP! “Lost in marina” is my absolute favorite.. It is BRILLIANT, hilarious and oh so true!!! :o) you are SO talented and so funny… my friend and I were reading it and we couldn’t stop laughing. Keep up the amazing work always!!

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