A walk that makes you smile



Today, Sunday May 3rd, was the yearly walk organized by Al Younbouh to support children and people with special needs, and help them integrate more efficiently in the society. Nour and I participated, and enjoyed it. This post is dedicated to all the people with special needs, starting with my sister Nour: I love you all, you make our world better and make our life worth living. If only more money was invested in helping them develop their wonderful skills, instead of those useless pieces of cardboard used to promote old fat politicians…

Here’s a lovely song dedicated to you: I’m sticking with you, by the Velvet Underground. Enjoy 🙂 (don’t mind the video, I couldn’t find a way to add audio to wordpress!)

2 Responses to “A walk that makes you smile”

  1. Zouzeta Says:

    we all hope that too…. 🙂

  2. Majd Says:


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