An unenlightened population





























































































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5 Responses to “An unenlightened population”

  1. rebeccamourani Says:

    mayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! u went to founders day and u didnt tell me!!!???
    ok hek saret ? 😛
    still upset but anw i saw the newsletter u did (it was next to the booklet i did haha i was surprised i didnt know they had a stand at founders day)
    i am sorry to tell u that i used mine to sit on, on the floors :S:S:S
    but i did take another one home… so good job! 😀

  2. jad Says:

    pfffft…. designers….

  3. EZ Says:

    haha chou cool heyda li resemti!!

  4. Michele Says:

    if it makes you feel better, i kept that newspaper and i read it the same night before sleeping 🙂

  5. qussa Says:

    Was that the Youth for Tolerance newspaper?!?

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