Enough is enough!



















































































































Enough. Is. Enough! I know it’s the elections, and I know that you all want to win, and I know that you’re doing the best to pass out your messages (Billboards, Radio, TV, internet, TELEPHONES! , greeting cards, etc.) But I think that by now, we all got your points very very clearly printed into our brains, and I mean it: no need for more propaganda. Let us miss you a bit, give us time to think about all the campaigns you’ve poured into our brain before the d-day! Ever heard of reverse psychology? You’re doing exactly what you should be doing if you wanted most of the population to go for the voting abstinence option. Just give us a break (at least give us Sunday off). Thank you.

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9 Responses to “Enough is enough!”

  1. Mariloo Says:

    next time put your phone in silent mode! 😛

  2. Wissam Says:

    So that’s how your morning hair looks like . hehehe :P.

  3. Wissam Says:

    Oh btw, why don’t you activate Akismet (plugins), it will get rid of the spam and you don;t have to puts comments waiting for moderation.

  4. Lara the sis Says:

    hahaha this is so annoying
    see why i keep mine silent ?:D

  5. Grace Says:


    Baddik min yefham 😉

  6. Zouzeta Says:

    Poor Maya….
    u know silent mode is made for a purpose…

    use it more often…. 😛

  7. Anonymous Says:

    tidoum tidoum tidoum … are u using the fairy ad as ring tone?
    wa tadoum wa tadoum wa tadoum!!!!

  8. Razan Says:

    I love this blog! Maya niccceeee!

  9. nahil Says:

    hahahahahahahahaha 😀 akhhh when i was in leb i wud get this shit every freakin morning 3anjad!! 😀 WOW

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