A little coffee break?








































I know it’s hard, but I’m sticking to my decision. I mean how hard can it be? One week of sleepiness and then that’s it. You’re free from the addiction. Anyway I’ll keep you updated if the experiment succeeds, or if I drink coffee again tomorrow morning 🙂

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14 Responses to “A little coffee break?”

  1. elie Says:

    good luck:)

  2. Rabih Salloum Says:

    An apple in the morning wakes you up more than coffee, at least it works for me (and for all people who tried!). Good luck!

  3. Wissam M Says:

    Nope, too hardfor me…
    Coffee I need youuuuu

  4. Chris K Says:


  5. Karel Says:

    Some vitamin C in the morning should do it
    Leave next to you a fresh bottle of water filled with lemon slices!:D

    Great blog, i keep reading every update since the beginning!!

    bisous Maya!

  6. Wissam Says:

    but but coffee isn’t bad…
    its okay!
    but okie get a smoothie as breakfast.
    Stuff needed.
    2)Skimmed Milk
    4)1 Chopped Banana
    5)some kind of berries, strawberries, raspberries, what ever you like.
    6) and I like to put just a one teaspoon of coffee in it.

    Blend all.
    you get protein, fibres, carbs, caffeine, lots of vitamins and other good stuff :).

  7. Hrag Says:

    Camomile Tea makes you sleep Maya! drink green tea in the morning instead, has a lot of caffeine (that’s what i do) 🙂

  8. EZ Says:

    ahamma chi el ghorra!!!

  9. Vaneshka Says:

    OMG i’m such a coffee addict too and too bad i can’t stop it (not even want to) when you have to drive to hamra every day from jounieh at 6:45 sharp :S

  10. Vaneshka Says:

    and btw HRAG tea has water soluble caffeine –> makes you stay awake even more than coffee (ask the biologist 😀 )

  11. t Says:

    MY Blood used to be O plus now it’s Caffeine super plus

  12. a.m. Says:

    you try this and lets c if it works!!!!


  13. Lara Khoury Says:

    To all readers,
    I would like to affirm that Maya really stopped drinking coffee… She really has a will! The big proof is that she never let me prepare for her coffee at the morning… As a result, she is becoming more energetic and coming early to work… Let us all give a big hand to Maya!!! 😛

  14. Anonymous Says:

    sousen nisan

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