The AC paradox









































































































What am I supposed to do to keep a constantly normal room temperature? It’s not working with me lately. I don’t know if it’s from the AC or from me…

On a side note, I want to congratulate my friend KRYSTIAN (yes, written wrong like this 🙂 ) because today is the day he knew he got accepted for masters in his dream college! Mabrouk Kry you deserve the best!!

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13 Responses to “The AC paradox”

  1. Wissam Says:

    1)if this comic is acurate and the A/C is positionning like that, then you will freeze no matter what,try to make the fins direct the air high, not on you.
    2)if you got one of those single like in the pic, then just higher the temperature a bit.

  2. Eric Says:

    The same thing is happening to me right now because its neither too hot to keep the a/c on, nor cold enough to keep it off. I found 2 solutions to this problem:
    -wear a coat indoors (or a sweatshirt) and turn the A/C on
    -Keep the window open, but id recommend #1 if you’re not high up in the building (noisy drivers, you know how it is).

  3. Lara the sis Says:

    hahahahah thats so true 😀 i hate it !

  4. Hrag Says:

    Is that green tea I see 😀 ?

  5. hanane and willzy Says:

    we love the side note 😀

    from hanane willzina

  6. hanane and willzy Says:

    you make us proud 28-

  7. samar haddad Says:

    hahahahhah willzina
    hip hip hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for chrissy!!!
    amsti here we come 😀 (yes we, u didnt actually think u were going alone now did u?)

  8. EZ Says:

    haha i loved this post:D its how to keep an idiot busy!!:P lol…
    i recommend just turn the AC off, save the environment ;p LOL
    btw is this yellow blue book what i think it is? 😉

  9. rebeccamourani Says:

    haha mayoush we seem to have the same grey sweater you and i looooool as this incident happens a loooooot over here :D:D

  10. Southerner Says:

    Just wanted to say, what a great blog.
    You’re a genius! I love the idea of drawing what’s going on with you, rather than just telling us.
    I am a new fan to this site! 🙂

  11. qussa Says:

    Haha! My usual AC dilemma is more like: I’m feeling hot, let’s turn on the AC — no, that is bad for the environment and then it will get even hotter outside — so I don’t turn it on secretly envying all those who turned theirs on!

  12. Zouzeta Says:

    Lara you are beggin for the AC at work…..

  13. Eugenie Bitar Says:

    ???? je crois que les stupides s’amusent a mettre en marche et eteindre l’AC chaque 2 min :P:P
    bass eno 2aw2a bet sir ……..:P

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