Let’s talk about fanaticism…

































































One picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. If this picture is one of a Lebanese politician, then it is worth a thousand @#$%^. So please, one picture is really enough to express your messages. Avoid the walking election advertisements, the static ones are already driving us nuts!

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6 Responses to “Let’s talk about fanaticism…”

  1. Eric Says:

    Oh god…tell me about it. I’m so glad the conscription where my dad’s hometown is no longer has a Christian seat, because now I have an excuse for not meddling into politics whenever someone asks me who I’m with haha 😀

  2. Southerner Says:

    Only in Lebanon…

  3. Doha Says:

    The worst picture now is they are NOT tackling their political program nor presenting what they intent to do in the future… instead, THEY ARE SEEKING WAYS AND TRYING THEIR BEST TO DO COMMERCIALS TO FIGHT AGAINST EACH OTHER…

    This is completly ABSURD… maybe u can present this in ur blog..


  4. Zaher Says:

    You’re really really good !!
    Each and every post drew a smile on my face !!
    I wonder how much time it takes !!
    keep up the good work =) you’re really talented

  5. Hala Says:

    you rock mayoush 🙂

  6. Eugenie Bitar Says:

    ouii l comment ktir mahdoum

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