That’s what I call freedom!









































































































I’m having the chance to work on a top-secret project (that i’ll be revealing to you super-soon!) and I must say that I finally found someone in Lebanon who KNOWS how to deal with graphic designers and who actually believes that their job requires expertise in the domain. The problem of working in Lebanon (and in fields requiring visual communication such as architecture, interior design, fashion  design …) is that all the citizens think those jobs require ‘zo2’ meaning taste, and are not a matter of expertise or experience…  Besides, I always get comments implying that our job is overrated, that it is all about doing some coloring and drawing… So to all of you potential graphic-design-clients out there, learn from the above example and stop taking our profession lightly.

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10 Responses to “That’s what I call freedom!”

  1. jihane Says:

    i like it

    i will print it and put it on board in our prepress department in Chemaly&Chemaly


  2. Mariloo Says:

    hahahaha! I so totally can relate!

    as a translator, some clients actually have the nerve to tell me “I could do it, but I don’t have time!”

    I hope you don’t ever hear that line 😛

  3. Joanna Choukeir Says:

    ohh I think I know who that guy is! byishbah 7alo!

  4. jad Says:

    someone is in desperate need of appreciation!!

  5. Hiba M. Says:

    Well, if it counts, I can never do your job; I’m very dull in that area and can barely draw the house in the sun we did in petit jardin. I always go for the “you know better” approach.

  6. nayla Says:

    I totally agree with wht u said!
    People, it’s not abt “zo2”! We graduate with a degree in design!!! and NO design is NOT bricolage 🙂
    Thanx Maya 4 pointing this out!
    By the way, i’m a big fan 😉

  7. Hrag Says:

    How did u come up with that syndrome??:D:D i googled and it’s “an eye disease caused by decreased tear production or increased tear film evaporation commonly found in humans and some animals” (wiki) for those who are interested…:D
    Your imagination and works rock:D…

  8. Kosti Says:

    UFFn respect on the kerato conjunctivitis. research ??? akid also seeing the iodipine which is also used as treatment.

    you have a MD in your Entourage?


  9. mahmoud Says:

    lebanese design clients should understand this :

    as designers we give creativity a target and a concept , yet clients still categorise designers in the art field,


  10. Roland Says:

    Actually this case of “fazlake” if I might call it, applies all around not just to graphic designers..
    I’ve always thought if some lebanese would spend half the time they spend into “fazlake” , reading or educating themselves furthermore, they might actually end up being as half decent as they claim to be …
    sorry had to let it out 😀
    bye bye

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