Walking observations





































































if you walk in public areas i’m sure you spotted one of those 2 scenarios…  First and foremost the maid abuse issue. I am against this whole system of bringing foreign people to work in such unfair conditions, let alone making her follow Mr. and Daughter while they jog, so that when they are thirsty the water is right behind them. Second, I really laugh at the way some women dress when they walk or jog in public places. I mean, easy on the sex-appeal! 
Anyway, after all, walking is a way of self expression and each person’s interpretation is only subjective! 🙂

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11 Responses to “Walking observations”

  1. EZ Says:

    Nouurrrr manzara:D:D

  2. OnOffBeirut Says:

    liked your sketch Maya of the typical female jogger in Beirut. went ahead and posted a link to it: http://www.onoffbeirut.com/?p=40

  3. Wissam Says:

    you forgot lots and lots…

    -The “out of shape” that want go there for sports, but end up stopping at every rolling food thingie, from turmus, to hotdogs.

    -The middle age crisis guy, who at 40something remembered that he hadn’t worked out since he was 15, and he can’t see his penis anymore.But he still try to squeeze in those 70’s shorts that belonged to him when 15…

    -The super extra fit people who deliberately wear tank tops to show off their muscles. They never bring towels, to wipe their face they use their shirt , in doing so “accidentally” showing off their ABS.

    -The non walkers who sit in the car eating turmus while making fun of the walkers/runners.

    -The couples who are too busy rocking the car to notice that its already day light/ not dark enough to do that…

    -The old fishermen who look at the others and remember their youths.

    -the kids on bicycles/rollers who almost trip everyone.

    -the dogs who like barking at walkers.

    those are a few… too lazy to write more 😛

  4. Lara the sis Says:

    hahahahah the scenarios are so comical

  5. rebeccamourani Says:

    hehe i walk everyday and everyday i get surprised by the steretypes on the streets, you didn’t see the half of it my friend hehe!

  6. Wissam M Says:

    Never seen first one walla, but for the second, ask my little sister when we went running in the summer 😉

  7. Joe Says:

    hahahaha akh ya alla

  8. Hala Says:

    hehehehehe so true

  9. Joanna AA Says:

    I love it Maya … It’s so True 🙂
    Keep on doing this great Job !!

  10. IngZ Says:

    Okay, i guess i found my daily addiction which makes me sleep everyday in a good funny mood after a tiring day 🙂 🙂 but u forgot something essential concerning the 2nd scenario, the white stretch transparent survêtement with a black string under it :D:D

  11. Rita Says:

    THANK YOU for this post! I live in the US but I visit Lebanon as much as I can being that I have a lot of family there & I’m so angry over the treatment of foreign workers. I love your blog!

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