Forgetfulness #2





























































































Yes this is a true story. Happened today on my way home after an endless day of work and meetings… It’s really ironic how we lose evident objects that are in our hands or that we just placed in front of our eyes. This little detail shows how much we can be missing from things happening around us, while ‘mentally’ focused on other issues. Sad reality, the human brain.

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7 Responses to “Forgetfulness #2”

  1. EZ Says:

    UGH! tell me about those situations!! u always freak us out…with that look like its the end of the world :O…where are the keys…they always end up in ur hand! hahaha

  2. Wissam Says:

    I hope you weren’t driving while doing all this, because at several points you weren’t looking on the road!

  3. babagannouj Says:

    Hehe, I love it!

    I was driving to work one time and thinking about what my day is going to be like. Then I enter into a whole freak-out session about forgetting my glasses at home and that I can’t work all day without them and started driving back home to pick them up.

    Turns out I was actually WEARING them!

  4. Kosti Says:

    B12, B6, Methylcobalamine. :P:P:P Sorry couldn’t help it, I’ve been programmed 😛 it’s good for hangovers also: Neurobion Forte 😛

  5. jihane Says:

    it happens with me everyday and every moment, with my car keys, my mobile and my sunglasses.

    sometimes my Agenda although it is of size 17 x 24.5 cm 🙂 haha

    (yes i carry an agenda with a pen 🙂 My Organizerrrrr 🙂

  6. Zouzeta Says:

    it always happens just get a neck holder for the phone 😛

  7. IngZ Says:

    Okayyy, thats a real prove that u need a REAL relaxation!! but i love it no doubt! Brain Activity –> Hand Activity!hihihihi

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