A taxi story…































































































Right after last week’s crazy lady adventure, this week-end I get ‘taxi adventure’. And because I don’t learn my lesson about how everyone knows everything in Lebanon, I had to undergo a panic attack before the driver explained to me the sequence of events that led to him knowing my family tree better than I do. I’m sure he thought I was lying, but I really don’t know my extended family tree. I can barely remember where I placed my phone 2 seconds ago, let alone remember the voting areas of every single family member of mine! I have to say the Lebanese are gifted on the memory level. Maybe that’s why they can’t get over the civil war…

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11 Responses to “A taxi story…”

  1. Dayana Damah Says:

    ktir 7abbet!! can’t find other words…

  2. Wissam Says:

    hahaha at the devil/angel sides 😛

  3. Mariloo Says:

    I love your dress 😉

  4. Zouzeta Says:

    So are you going to vote for you family members…. hehee 😛

  5. Lara the sis Says:

    Zouzeta, we dont vote in Damour 😉

  6. rebeccamourani Says:

    luv the dress!!!

  7. Zouzeta Says:

    Laroush je sais 😛 😀

  8. Wissam M Says:

    jolie pensee a la fin 😉

  9. Doha Says:

    i liked how he popped his head at the beginning !!

  10. Nayla Says:

    Hold on… how did he know who you are????????

  11. IngZ Says:

    comme le monde est petit :D:D, which is true indeed! 🙂

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