Beauty and sufferings








































































































































































And that, my darlings, is the story that happened right before the interview for the reportage with al horra. I want to thank my colleagues through this post for their constant support! You’ve been wonderful! Now regarding al horra, it was supposed to broadcast the interview today but someone decided to make elections in Iran (since when are international politics more important than the blog? 😛 ) So i guess it’s postponed till later. I’ll keep you updated anyway. Now the moral we can retrieve from this story, or the questions we can ask ourselves: who cares about make-up and anti-cerne and whatnot. Honestly, I had never used those tools before my colleagues inflicted them on me 🙂 … It felt kind of weird, I personally don’t believe femininity lies in make-up or in colors. It lies in expressions, behavior, actions. I wish more girls in Lebanon would follow this belief!

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15 Responses to “Beauty and sufferings”

  1. EZ Says:

    Kbar el colleagues 😀 haha!
    nice one

  2. Mariloo Says:

    you seriously were intending to appear on tv with disheveled hair?

    kiss your colleagues for me!! they saved you from my wrath! 😛

  3. Rami Says:

    inno there’s nothing wrong with little make up from time to time! 🙂

  4. EZ Says:

    bass no way, Lara …. same eyes! :O

  5. Charbel Says:

    looking forward to watch the interview! 🙂

  6. Lara Khoury Says:

    mayouuuuuuuuush ma ma32oul ana chou zabta! photocopy! 100%!
    3anjad chapeau bas, u pictured each one of us with the very tiny details. rahibé! ra2i3a! 3anifé! 😉 😛

    Guys I would like you to know that Maya learned the lesson, the proof is that while I am writing this blog now, Maya is having an interview with Future TV in her office and no one of us had to interfere regarding her look today… u know why? simply because she came to work “tirée à quatre épingles” (hair, little make-up and nails…)

    Thank you Mayoush for this blog! No need to thank us sweety, it is our pleasure to take little care of you. (Vernis at lunch break? 😉
    best blog ever 😀 I love it!

  7. Lara (the sis) Says:

    U GO SAG GIRLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. omaraboumrad Says:

    I demand another model, i look nothing like that.

  9. marc Says:

    omg maya, u work with march 14 girl!?!? can u introduce me?

  10. Nayla Says:

    Mayouuuuuuuuusha, being a feminist is not an antonym of make up, outern beauty, extra personal care!!! Bel 3aks it underlines the strong and committed spirit!
    J’en suis une des feministes et je te soutiens all the way, la beaute exterieure amplifie et souligne ce qu’il y a de cache a l’interieur, ca le reflete, c’est ton mirroir! 🙂

  11. women high heel shoes Says:

    YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  12. Zouzeta Says:

    i like well the girls are right few make up dont kill
    and they are makin look better than u already do 🙂

    great support Sag Girlsssss!!!!

  13. Eugenie Bitar Says:

    tu sais je n suis pas tt a fait dac avec c que tu dis!!!! Nayla a raison! :P:P
    tu t rappeles c que j t’ai en Espagne bi wa2t l corrida? !:@ :p

  14. 3afaf Says:

    u r awesome u crack me up…….nice one

  15. Nahil K Says:

    “I personally don’t believe femininity lies in make-up or in colors. It lies in expressions, behavior, actions. I wish more girls in Lebanon would follow this belief!”


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