Gallantry still exists




























































































I was very surprised to see a young neighbour-man I never knew existed bring me my lost sunglasses back home! Not to say I always lose sunglasses that’s why I never spend more than 20,000 LL on them. But still he valued them like a priceless object and insisted on bringing them back to their owner! I must say I was very impressed by the level of gallantry… I thought those days were long done, but I guess not ! 🙂 

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16 Responses to “Gallantry still exists”

  1. EZ Says:

    Akh ya allah, you gotta decide girl…either u be a feminist and stick to ur rights…or u forget feminism and start praising gallantry…but together they are incompatible!!…hehe(K)

  2. Joe Says:

    hahaha! And also, DECIDE ON WHERE YOU’RE UPDATING YOUR COMICS! WordPress (which i advocate), or on the website!

  3. Lara the sis Says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA you’re so funny, what if the guy is checking ur blog ??:P

  4. Joana Abou-Rizk Says:

    “Lady Zankoulham” ♥

  5. nayla Says:

    Hahahahaha Maya you sure know how 2 put a smile on my face everytime i read ur blog 😀 keep it up 😉

  6. Nayla Says:

    Il lit tes posts tous les matins comme nous???
    tres belle declaration d’amour Maya 😀

  7. jad Says:

    love in the time of…. influenza!

  8. Kj Says:

    So easy to make you fall in leeeuuuveee… Lady Zankoulham of Mayaland!
    I bet if he gets you a bouquet of flowers you will definitely marry him on spot!

    Keep up the good work
    Miss you so much!


    P.S. Maya is not a feminist… but she is a big supporter.

  9. Charbel Says:

    Did anyone notice the shining shoes ?? :P:D

  10. IngZ Says:

    I liked his ghorra :D:D, and ur heart eyesss!!hehe,very impressive!

  11. omaraboumrad Says:

    Love and Maya, oh how i can’t wait see the mix.

  12. jad Says:

    i dont get it!! 3 days later and u’re still wearing the same clothes?! hehe!

  13. Zouzeta Says:

    Very cute adn sweetttt!!!
    LUVE is in the air 😀

  14. babagannouj Says:

    check this out.
    your cartoons made the news.

  15. The IngZz Says:

    eh bass wein Mayaaa ??? :S:S:S, i can see just ur picss not more!! Mayaaa my luuvvvv where r uuu??

  16. John Says:

    Maya has a boyfriend,,,, Maya has a boyfriend 🙂

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