And those were my preliminary beach observations… Not very positive I must say. You can add to them the cleanliness of the water, the cleanliness of the shore, the cleanliness of the people, and the list goes on. Oh yes not to mention the ardent need for TRANCE ‘music’ for the mood to be “wel3aneh”… I just can’t stand trance, and don’t think that it’s the best choice for a beach setting where people are supposed to be relaxing! Anyway you’re welcome to add any beach annoyances you might have faced… Until then, have a great day! 🙂

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13 Responses to “Beachin’”

  1. ericraff Says:

    I like to think that the Lebanese were the first to take a liking to tanning (few members of the “high class” actually take a dip in the beach nowadays), so creative is good! But then again I also like to believe that I can do a good Donald Duck impersonation, but it doesn’t work out all the time…

  2. Zouzeta Says:

    Well MUSICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC cant they think of a better music to put on the beach…
    and why the hell if i wanna have a better seat than the floor it includes paying $$$$$$ as if i am going to see a one in a life time concert and it is the last ticket….

    Really we should open a beach club on our own… 😛
    what do u think mayoush possible???

  3. jad Says:

    bitchin! rather than beachin’

  4. SamEr Says:

    what you say makes sense in most parts except when you come to music.
    for sure what you hear on the beach is mostly likely not trance, but then again here it’s not the place for music education!

  5. Omar Says:

    It all depends on the place’s style.

    If you love the sea, go to rmeileh.
    If you want “Day clubbing”, go to oceana.
    If you want latino music, go to pierre and friends.

  6. Mariloo Says:


    the Burberry’s swimming trunks and hair chest are a killer!!! 😀

    oh, oh, oh! and the Almaza old logoooooooo!!

  7. Farah Says:

    hi Maya, I really like your blog ( got a reference from rami of
    You can add to your list as an experience at the beach that you can’t keep your umbrella.
    One minute you are struggling to have one, the second you go swimming they take it back for another angry customer searching for an umbrella, and rami was looking for the manager ….
    this was the case last year at Pangea a beautiful beach with bad management.

  8. Rami Says:

    I also hate when the valet parking guys at Jiyyeh beaches treat you like trash if you don’t have a fancy car!

  9. The IngZz Says:

    HAHAHAHA!! Totallyyyy true! and i believe we experienced this difference together 😀 !! yup kein ba3ed na2ess el beds ta toula3 to the max. next to us!! w 3anjad meen bizeed, u pay more, u relax in Bed more! woww how nice 😀

  10. raya Says:

    i’ve witnessed a few typical lebanese non-senses last week at all beaches i went to ( except the Batroun public as-dirty-as-Eddé-Sands-beach ) :
    – the san3a waits for the kids and Madam to have finished bathing in the sea or the piscine to hand them the towel she was holding while sitting or standing in their clothes, sweating like pigs.
    – the waiters gives you a scornfull look if you don’t give him half the fatoura as a tip. Because you are supposed to be sons and daughters of very rich persons…
    – there’s allways a woman who is literally barbecueing herself…. you wonder how many times she’s had skin cancer …

  11. rebeccamourani Says:

    hehe hehe i think i think i know to which beach you went hahaa!!1

  12. EZ Says:

    The minimum wage are the most fun 😀 you can’t do whatever you want without having to be a victim of the look!

  13. Nahil K Says:

    hahahaha i loved the “trash literally” so freakn trueee + the beds 😀 amazing! + raya’s comment is hillllaaarious

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