The delights of working on a computer













Last week the electricity went off for about an hour and a half in a row… I’m not complaining! That was a very timely break from the screen. I noticed that in this aspect of our work (only able to complete it using the computer), electrical rationing can be quite useful! It’s true that 8 hours a day (minimum) in front of the computer screen can be quite frustrating, but at least in Lebanon we get the breaks we deserve!


P.S. Please do forgive me if I’m a bit slower in posting this week, I’m sooo overloaded with work, and doing my best to finish ASAP to get back to YOU!

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9 Responses to “The delights of working on a computer”

  1. EZ Says:

    haha! i love the…no way, blabla, you cant be serious! haha its so…girlish and lebanese at the same time!

  2. EZ Says:

    and u look so funny in the uniform in the jungle:P

  3. Charbel Says:

    haha… I sometimes hope that the electricity goes off!!! Something to break the monotony of the 24/7 electricity… my laptop never gets turned off!

    Between California and full time electricity or Lebanon with part time electricity… I would choose Lebanon.

  4. Nayla Says:

    ma fi moteur ya maya?!?!?

  5. Nayla Says:

    PS i’ll overload you with adventures when i come but u’ll to find a compromise between the load of work and nayla! 😛

  6. noura Says:

    mayaaaaaa hahahah very impressive wallah !!!!

    so true ahahahah hayda lebnen hahahah ….

    so here is the positive thing ….lol being in lebanon hahahah 🙂

  7. jad Says:

    Jesus!! the slide before the last one reminded me of the exorcist!!!

  8. Wissam M Says:

    it’s kind of scary no?
    being so dependant on this mysterious machine…

  9. Kosti Says:

    Thank you Maya for showing them what hardworkers we are 😛
    Nice glasses by the way 😉 and kamen thxxx for bringing her back.

    P.S.: I wanted to say bringing sexy back take care

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