Every person to her taste!













It was very disappointing to attend the “Day of Spanish” so called and find a trance mode there! After endless centuries of beats, the band finally arrived. This caused most people to start chatting and expressing extreme annoyance to the beautiful, authentic music that was being played!! I mean, you’re not supposed to go to “day of spanish” if what you want is moving to repetitive beats. Some people probably confuse celebrating with partying. Anyway, as they say in spanish “sobre gustos y colores, nada han dicho los pintores”, meaning that no rules are written about tastes and colors, and everyone is free to enjoy what (s)he thinks is right!

With this thought, I wish you all a lovely tasty week-end !  😀

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5 Responses to “Every person to her taste!”

  1. Charbel Says:

    who was playing?

  2. Roland Says:

    ban trance music !

  3. Southerner Says:


  4. Eric Says:

    OMG! You take classes at cervantes? I got the DELE (advanced level…hihihi) in Dubai, and I play classical guitar. I TOTALLY agree with you, I don’t get how people don’t appreciate this music, I mean, even if the melody doesn’t appeal to you, you have to admire the mastery of it all! Keep it up Maya!

  5. Dany Huston Says:

    sugar and cinnamon ???? is that flamenco

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