At the hairdresser’s





On my way out from the hairdresser’s I was seized by a panic shock  when I bumped into a biiiig tall lady doing mèche and coloring her eyebrows in red at the same time, whatever they call it. I observed her for a while, wondering if we placed her exactly the way she looked in another setting, such as fancy party, how beautiful would she look? Funny if you think about the process it takes to “look beautiful” …

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6 Responses to “At the hairdresser’s”

  1. Wissam Says:

    hahahaha mountain of hair!!!

  2. Nahil K Says:

    loool i can totally relate to u 😀 ahh imagine curly hair gettin straightened and burning ur skull…..

  3. Rabih Says:

    HAHAH the woman looks like Peggy Bundy 😀

  4. Patria Says:

    “The way you look in different stages”! Very true! Hehe!
    You know what? Hairdressers know this, and if you try it, fancy saloons would care more about this concern and wouldn’t let u see urself with those palm trees stuck all around ur head! :)))

  5. Darine Says:

    I also like their suggestive selling techiniques. The make you feel bad to do some procedure.

    * Oh your hair looks somewhat dry why don’t you have a treatment for it*

    * Your eyebrows… you do them on your own… well they have no shape, let me show you how it is done*…

    Well I did let them do them yesterdy and though it was more painful it seems to me the result was the same, aside teh fact that they plucked otu the microscopic hairs no one sees anyway… + nobody saw a difference…

    I am yet to meet a beautician I can trust!

  6. D.R.Bouloot Says:

    they say one must suffer to look beautiful, going to the hairdresser or to the coin de de bien en etre, or institut… or whatever “upselling” names they use to appeal to all ladies wanting to look alike at the end of the day is more than a masochistic ritual as u tried to illustrate …believe me…!!

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