Shoot yourself



I can’t hear about shootings in Beirut anymore. I can’t hear about the reasons behind the shootings anymore. We’re just going back to where we were few months ago. We keep going back to past situations. Will we ever learn from our mistakes? I had hope, but I’m starting to doubt it… Are the Lebanese really that STUPID? I’m sorry to start the week with such a pessimistic tone, but I’m really worried and depressed from the current situation in Lebanon. I bet I’m not the only one.

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14 Responses to “Shoot yourself”

  1. mona aj Says:

    love the stupid look on his face!!!!

    and i totally agree!!

  2. Eugenie Bitar Says:

    hahhahahhaha gd 2awiye 😛

  3. Doha Says:

    The hairy guy shooting himself. hahahhahaha

  4. Nayla Says:

    Ya Mayousha, sha3eb lebnen sha3eb ghashim, (and this is with no respect) if they were a bit smart we would have burried the zou3ama doctrine and voted for a free lebanon based on love brothership and patriotism but instead day by day we show how SMART and how we refuse development! ghhhhhhhh if i start i’ll never finish!!!! allah yse3dna, w ya di3anak ya lebnen!

  5. nightS Says:

    LOL..shooting themselves would be the best thing happens to Lebanon!!

  6. jad Says:

    … and do us all a favor!

  7. Patria Says:

    J’aime le type! Sexy!
    He must’ve been drooling kamen!

  8. SamSoum Says:


  9. Qussa » What goes up… - verhalen van ver weg en dichtbij Says:

    […] a fun game to guess the difference between the sound of firecrackers and Kalashnikov, but maybe Maya Zankoul’s rage is more appropriate. Not sure about her solution, […]

  10. Wissam M Says:

    you are not the only one 😦

  11. Lara the sis Says:

    yayy im on the blog 😀

  12. Paty Says:

    Love it!!! Great idea!!!

  13. NN Says:

    I totally agree!!
    i just loved it!!

  14. D.R.Bouloot Says:

    loool……”it’s an order” .. eyes closed,…knowing that the idiot follower will blindly abide …….so true…hihihihih

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