Car trouble





























































































































































I still can’t believe what a story I had to wake up to this morning! The good thing is that it had a better effect in waking me up than the alarm I had already snoozed 10 times. But what I can’t understand is how our dear concierge was able to miss the car parked right in front of his door (as it is most of the days) and think that another Toyota Yaris was actually mine! I mean OK there are a lot of Yarises, but mine was in its right location all calm and waiting for me! Funny how UN-focused people can be sometimes … Keeps amazing me … With the hope that your mornings will be merrier than this one, I wish you a lovely day 😀

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14 Responses to “Car trouble”

  1. Mimo Says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah noway!!!:D:D

  2. Joana Abou-Rizk Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA I can’t believe it!! I loved every detail in that sketch! ya m3atar ya ibrahim! 😀

  3. tony Says:

    nowaaaaay … :S lol! 7aram barhoum :D:D

  4. Doha Says:

    don’t tell me it’s a true story !!!!!!!:)))))))))

  5. Haytham Khouja Says:

    is it just me or dreaming about fruits is a normal thing?

  6. Joelle Says:

    hahahahahahahaha!!! yeah what is with dreaming of fruits ya maya?? 😀 hahahahahahahahaha!!

  7. jad Says:

    ever watched the movie “Carrie”?! SHE just LOOKS like YOU!

  8. natalooo Says:

    It actually happened to me once, I sympathize with Ibrahim 😀

  9. Mira Says:

    hahahahahahah hilarious ! especially the tiny looking brahim from upstairs !

  10. Nahil K Says:

    looool lek shaklik with red eyes yelling at ibrahim… i loved how tiny u drew him he looks cute 😀 especially when he was pointing to the other car

  11. Zouzeta Says:

    Poor Ibrahim…
    but he was lucky seeing u out of bed waw …. 😛

    i think he was scared of you more than the thief…
    have anice day

  12. Reine Says:

    i had a good laugh out of this one 😀

  13. Maya Akra Says:

    Mayaaaaaaaaaaa i love these !!

  14. Abdelghani Says:

    One of the best illustrations!

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