Major Confession












































































































Now that’s a sad truth! But I had to have coffee today otherwise I wouldn’t have made it through the day. But I promise that it’s the last time… 😀 Really this time 😛 I’ll go back to green tea and apples and all the lovely suggestions you so generously proposed when I took the decision of stopping coffee. Hope all your days will be as wonderful as first time in months coffee! See you tomorrow!

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9 Responses to “Major Confession”

  1. Wissam Says:

    I didn’t know that coffee turns Anorexic Zombies into human beings 😛

  2. Doha Says:

    ma ahdamik !

  3. Friend from school Says:

    Hey Maya! Just wanted to let you know that your blog is fun and that I’ve been opening your page along with my emails every day :).
    Keep it up, your work is great 🙂
    A friend from school 😉

  4. EZ Says:

    look at the bright side…
    few months with no coffee:D

  5. Omar Says:

    Why is it that all your colleague sketches don’t have breasts? We men need entertaining.

  6. Nahil K Says:

    hahaha i loved how u drew urself dying without coffee. interesting confession

  7. jad Says:

    ‘a’wa chi l te3tir!

  8. Lynn Says:

    i loved how you treated change in perspective and the feeling in that one

  9. Paola Says:

    Hi, I’m Paola, I’m a writer, an NGO worker and a blogger and I have a coffee addiction. But see, in my case it’s just better for me to have it every morning, otherwise I’m just not a civilized person, and tend to bite people.

    I just love your blog, it’s so funny and well done!

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