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Easy on the perfumes lady! Perfumes smell great when used in reasonable doses. They add a special mysterious scent to people. However, sometimes, some people forget to read the instructions on how to use perfumes, and puff the whole bottle to show how distinguished they are. I’m not sure anymore which smells better: insecticide or overused perfume! With this, I wish you a lovely saturday! 😀

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4 Responses to “Perfumes & fragrances”

  1. Wissam Says:

    seems the blonde ‘s pants have no backside, her butt is sticking out…

  2. Nahil K Says:

    haram shu 3am bet3ane haha u never run out of that stuff

  3. Perfumes Says:

    haha thanks for great information, just bookmark and waiting your next posting 😉

  4. D.R.Bouloot Says:

    true…. at least the blondy overused expensive brands … try smelling an overuse of cheap brands …. hihihihi u won’t be alive to illlustrate it….
    i bet guys don’t agree with u on this posting this time..hahaha

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