Business is business

When I read Qussa’s post about how women are treated when dealing with men in Lebanon in different places, I remembered a story  that happened with me around 2 years ago when I was still in college and had just started freelancing.








Now I know this is much less serious than the issues tackled in the article, but it still shows how women are often badly treated in the workplace simply based on their sex and not on their potential. I refuse to believe as many might say that this is human nature and that a woman will always be judged on her appearance and not on her work. I hope this aspect will change with time…

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11 Responses to “Business is business”

  1. Nahil K Says:

    very true 😀 men think from downstairs even when it comes to business

  2. EZ Says:

    hahaha! Scorpio and Cancer don’t even match!

  3. Mimo Says:

    Hehe, i loved this one!!

  4. nayla Says:

    hahahahahahaha 45=32?

  5. rebeccamourani Says:

    hey how come i never heard about this!!!

  6. Lara the sis Says:

    me too rebecca, this was the 1st time i hear it !:P

  7. Rain Says:

    lol it has to change, or someone will get his ass kicked 😛

  8. D.R.Bouloot Says:

    i like the math…hahahahaha
    nice teeth and hair for a 45 year old man…hihihihi

  9. edualc Says:

    That’s typically man, I would say man-in-their-45 behavior…

  10. cancer girl Says:

    but cancer and scorpio do make the perfect match
    and if you don’t agree then go to this website and see it for your self:

  11. Cancer girl Says:

    cancer and scorpios do make the perfect lovers
    yes, it sucks that weman are always juged on their looks
    =^ (

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