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I noticed something that perplexed me on my way home. A huge billboard of a Lebanese singer that I remember from my early childhood. She still looks exactly the same (if not younger!). I linked it to a statement that a friend of mine had made earlier during the day: when we see a young person we haven’t seen in a while, and that we remember as a kid, and then (s)he suddenly is a grown-up.  I guess the reverse phenomenon happens with singers.

In case you were on another planet yesterday, I would like to re-announce that the launching of the book will take place on August 12th, 2009, at Art Lounge at 6:30 PM. You can click here to join the Facebook event. See you there ^^

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8 Responses to “Time travel”

  1. Wissam Says:

    the big question is, do you have fake teeth in the old you version?

  2. Rabih Says:

    Hahah Maya fashaytile khel2eh!
    By the way your attention to details is fascinating: the zits on NouNou’s face and what made me laugh the most were the saggy breasts on Teta Maya loool

  3. Rabih Says:

    Kamein one thing… the way Paulette’s lips inflated with the years 😀

  4. D.R.Bouloot Says:

    lolllllllllllll i like the way u pumped ur head out of ur car window…hihihi
    i’ll take ur advice and look to singers billboards to feel younger …..
    but could u post a blog about where to look to feel slimmer ?????!!!!

  5. Mimo Says:

    Hahaha!!! I love the details!!!

  6. Edualc Says:

    For those interested in Time Travel especially women,
    I present TTP (Time Travel Pack) for Women for only $4499.99

    1. Lips zoom X4: People will see your lips before you enter the room.

    2. Breast inflation X10: One new feature in addition to the original intent, is having a silicon always-attacked-tray for your Starbucks Caffè Latte or any other flavor:). Husband and/or Boyfriend you can use it too…

    PS: Quantities unlimited. You can apply for a loan at any bank near you.

    Good news, TTP for men coming soon

  7. SamSoum Says:

    SO TRUE and SAD MAYA 🙂 but in all cases… u look good in ur OLD TIMES 😛 ..lol….
    i mean if that’s wut ur gona look when ur old….then be grateful 😛

  8. Nayla Says:

    hahahahaha nounouuuu!!!!
    tres marrant ce sketch mayoush (com tous)

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