About traffic lights





















































































I’m sick of having to constantly honk to cars in front of me when they stop 1 meter after the red light and can’t see it anymore. It’s really not a race, and going 1 meter forward will NOT help them or make the traffic smoother. Why don’t they get it? Having to honk at the green light is becoming a norm that i do NOT want to conform to! Walaw! It’s really annoying!

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12 Responses to “About traffic lights”

  1. Dayana Says:

    3anjad!!!! had the same thought yesterday! do they need to have a buzz installed with the green light to “feel” it going green?

  2. Tony Says:

    Well there has been instances of blind people having licenses to drive


  3. Wissam Says:

    the moral of the story, if your chest hair is visible you don’t stop at red lights…

  4. Thierry B. Says:

    Plus je lis ton blog, plus je me dis qu’il faut que je vienne au plus vite au Liban ! 😀 😀 😀

  5. D.R.Bouloot Says:

    i agree with wissam.. other “must have”, to name few ; the earphone, the sunglasses, the loud music …
    what’s more annoying is having to stop at the green light behind a car which is going the other directionnnn (red light)…. this dosen’t makes the driver an animal anymore.. it makes him a..????!!!!!!!

  6. mla00 Says:

    Cool touch with the eyebrow piercing on the youth! I love the hairy guy 😛

  7. Omar Says:

    So you’re one of those people who honk as soon as the light hit green, how i love those people. When i hear someone honk i intentionally wait 10-15 seconds extra before moving.

  8. Hiba Morcos Says:

    “Civilized” is very overrated. Everyone is civilized, just differently.

  9. nayla Says:

    u know wht’s better than all this? when a policeman neglects the traffic lights, wibyefta7 3a7sebo 😉

  10. Serpico Says:

    a3sabik Maya

  11. Hanzala Says:

    LOL vert funny! especially the representations of the taxi guy, or the middle-class liberal intellectual guy, and the nouveau riche type!

  12. NN Says:

    hahahahahaha “enno houwe l shab l jagal” hehehe
    very funny and so truee!!

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