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It’s not the first time Lebanon loses a basketball game. And it’s not the first time that we “accuse the other of cheating”. Yet, it is the first that the cheating accusation is valid. Watching the game from an objective point of view, it is impossible not to notice how the referees were biased. It is sad, because this was a chance for the Lebanese basketball team – that I have been following for oh so many years now – to excel and prove its strength. The situation reminded me of the story of the boy who cried ‘wolf!’ In fact, the Lebanese tend to use the “the other cheated” excuse in all kinds of situations, be it in sports, politics, you name it. Click here for the story of the boy who cried ‘wolf’. And talking about wolves, a friend linked to Shakira’s new video clip “She wolf” on Facebook. What exactly does she think she’s doing? Oh God what pop singers would do to get attention! With all those thoughts, I wish you all a great week 🙂 See you soon!

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12 Responses to “Stop the referee”

  1. EZ Says:

    This is the most unfair call of all time :@
    The game was definitely ours!!! ARGH I cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!:'(

  2. Southerner Says:

    Seriously, it wasn’t a foul. That stupid call from the ref cost us the game!

    Oh and, check out “Lebanese Basketball” on Facebook. It’s a group, which just posted the picture of the ref who called the foul, and everyone is swearing at him. The ref is from Uzbekistan.

  3. marc Says:

    totally agree, and i was rooting for china! i always root for the team playing against lebanon, and went wild when jordan wiped the floor with them yesterday, but you gotta be fair, that game with china was outrageous!!!

  4. N W Says:

    awwal shi it’s Wang Zhizhi:P tene shi.. is that # 15 dude emilio?? if yes well i think u should have drawn him banging his head on a wall aw 3am bi nattif sha3rato:P if not well i guess you couldn’t cz the pic would be too violent for some of ur fans:P telit shi.. I cannot believe u honored us sports fans by watching a basketball game:p!!!.. anw it’s so funny how obvious the ref’s mistakes were & yet we can’t do anything about it.. but Hang The Ref!!! ma hek emilio?:p

  5. nad Says:

    hey maya, great post…. i wish you added a pic of the ref with an evil smile after the FOUL ! 3 shots to china pic, cos he was sooo happy about it :((((

  6. Mariloo the editor Says:

    Hey, I’m da Shewolf friend 😛

  7. Wissam Says:

    WANG ZIZI!!!!! hahahahaahahahahahahah!!!!!
    Wang = Penis
    Zizi = little penis

    Ehm Maya…

  8. maher choufani Says:

    stop the refree he is a big shame on basketball

  9. Farah Says:

    it’s just NOT FAIR :@:@:@ Lebanon deserves to win THIS LEAGUE :(:(:(

  10. Abdelghani Says:

    Great illustration 😀

  11. Mohamed Abbas Says:

    fuck this referee ,, and dont stop him

  12. Joseph Jabbour Says:

    It can be clearly seen that the referee is a blasted and a damn THIEF.

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