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I had an amazing time in Sannine! You could see Lebanon in all its width from the sea to the mountains of the Syrian borders. Lebanon has so many beautiful places to visit. It’s lovely to be the ‘tourist’ from time to time. Especially when you live here and when you are too busy or caught up in routine to take the time for such activities. Lately I am finding my tourist friends informing me about Lebanon, how shameful! This trip has motivated me to put a limit to extra work, and to make an effort to enjoy the beauties of Lebanon on a regular basis. Thank you Pascal for the motivation! 🙂

Here are some sketches I drew while picnicking in an old abandoned farm near Baskinta. (click to view in large size)


Any suggestions for beautiful places to visit in Leb?

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27 Responses to “Trip to Sannine”

  1. edualc Says:


    I guess you were drinking “Rim” on your way:)

    Humm Sannine is nice, how about Korne El Sawda, the highest peak in Lebanon I guess 🙂

  2. EZ Says:

    hahaha astaze 😀

  3. Thierry B. Says:

    Le temple de Baalbek !!! Je rêve d’y aller…

  4. Eric Says:

    Tienes que ir a Tannourine! El bosque de los cedros, el Bellou3, la naturaleza…

  5. Ali Says:

    Hahahah 😀 you should try jehleye it’s very nice 😀

  6. Thomas K Says:

    JNOUB!! Ohhh… hmm, u are from Jnoub 😛

    hmm… then go to DOUMA!!! It’s a lovely village in the north, near Tannourine 😀 (see my pics on facebook bout it!)

  7. haythamkhouja Says:

    I know you don’t know Beirut very well… how about you start there?

  8. Wissam Says:

    where the heck are the seatbelts????
    tsk tsk tsk!

  9. mireille Says:

    For some more nature stuff go to laklouk ! go to something called “el saideh”in laklouk.. amazing view

    then pass by tannourine, belou3 balaa… then the arz of tannourine 🙂

    Great view… really impressive ! … doesn’t feel commercial !

    if need any guides.. let me know !

  10. raed farhat Says:

    J’ai visite et vécu dans toutes les régions du Liban, c’est un pays magnifique que tous les libanais doivent découvrir pour être a la hauteur de leur identité.
    C’est a travers ce site que j’invite les citoyens a visiter ce petit monde qu’englobe notre pays car de cette façons nous pouvons nous libérer de tous les rejugés et l’ignorance qui sont a la base de nos problèmes.
    Dans cette perspective je ne peux pas suggérer une région a visiter. Tu n’as qu’a prendre la carte et de choisir chaque semaine un région et de faire le tour durant les jours qui reste de cet été.:D
    Bonne chance dans ton tour, et désolé pour ce long messag

  11. Mira Says:

    I love the skulls! especially the red ribbon!
    Well, i think u should visit my hometown, Baalback. The citadel is amazing. I could take u there if u want!

  12. Ahmad Osman Says:

    That’s my girl : )

    Suggestions? Tyre.

  13. Lara the sis Says:

    HAHAHHAHAHAH the red foulard !!!

  14. Nada Says:

    well i can suggest a great place where you can do picnic too “3youn samak” it’s a great place 🙂

  15. Rabih Salloum Says:

    Gemmayze street, very cool, you should check it out.

  16. Wissam Says:

    Btw, I wonder how many people got the reference of you wearing the red ribbon and showing the lets work pose…

  17. marie Says:

    salut maya, excelelnt illustration sur une journée à sannine! j’aime bcp le dessin sur le trajet dans la avléle des crânes. en bosta, c’est comique.
    bonne journée

  18. Elisa Says:

    Simply a-ma-zing!
    I’m an Italian journalist and I’ve been travelling a lot in Lebanon in the past two years.
    I love this country…it’s like many different worlds living together!
    I love the South. I think it’s wonderful and so unknown to many people to whom South means war. I find it extremely interesting, with its culture, its history and its traditions.

    Suggestion: Tyre, Baalback, Zahle, Jazzine…any place in Lebanon!

  19. Paola Says:

    You should go to Aïtanit (where i come from) in the Southern Bekaa (wait for me to be in lebanon, i’ll be your guide) 🙂
    I just love walking in Beirut during the day, you discover the city in a different light (although last time i went to Wadi Bou jmil to take pictures of the old synaguoge i got yelled at by security people “You can’t take pictures of the whole street!!!! Put your camera away” errr….why????)

  20. D.R.Bouloot Says:

    i like “the let’s start” pose with the red lips..hihihi never saw u with lipstick even in real life…hahahahaha
    i suggest u go to the mountains (north) ; u pass by hasroun, hadad and tannourine …my gd parents used to live in a remote village higher than tannourine called “3ain el raha” situated on a small river between too mountains.. electricity and roads reached the area only few years ago..has few houses less than 10, very smalll church …it’s heaven on earth i just love it..
    ps. take food with u, wear boots …leave ur car (preferrably 4×4), the roads are tight and not tarred

  21. Eric Says:

    See? See?! everyone says you should go to tannourine. Andale!

  22. Zouzeta Says:

    It is good that you made it alive !!! 😛

    love the sketches

  23. Omar Says:

    B.H. LEB0210

  24. jimena Says:

    Actually, my name is Maha . did you know that tony kiwan is my neighbour!

  25. jimena Says:

    did you know that tony kiwan is my neighbour ?!

  26. Fatouchh Says:


  27. Missak Says:

    With 5 words: Lebanon is heaven on earth…

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