A jazzy encounter










Philippe! 🙂 I (still) think your music is absolutely fantabulous! 😛 And I invite you all to get his wonderful album “Sunday Afternoon.” You can find it in Virgin. It’s amazing!! And you can have a sneak peak by clicking here. (My favourites are tracks 1, 5 & 6). I am looking forward to listen to him playing again, he is playing every Wednesday and Sunday at the Jazz Lounge. And now, I wish you all  a jazzy day! 🙂 See you around…


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9 Responses to “A jazzy encounter”

  1. Wissam M. Says:

    oooh too bad you really loved this guy!
    if you listened to Trance you wouldn’t have this problem, there is no band, you’d take a picture with the PC :P:P

  2. Haytham Khouja Says:

    Metal bands are friendlier than that…Testament’s drummer (one of my fav bands) threw me his drum stick from the stage to the end of the crowd. THEN i got him to sign it for me =)

  3. darinerachkidy Says:

    think +, maybe he wasn’t in the mood that night ….
    i never miss a rahbany play (obsessed) and i get to take pic with my favorite actors… they r adorable, pro and soooo friendly..
    Come and check the pink floyd homage in byblos this week..!!

  4. Doha Says:

    yse7ello yekhod pic m3ik, smalla 3li…

  5. JOBOX Says:

    Ur funny
    i guess he is shy!

  6. edualc Says:


    That’s typical steam going into the head….
    Say bye bye to humbleness and welcome arrogance…

    You’d better love classical, they are all dead 🙂

  7. Moophz Says:

    HAHAHA, Nice one.
    It just begins with humbleness, and later ends up with insects (us) and the monster (him).

  8. darinerachkidy Says:

    nice one edualc…loooooooooool

  9. Gary Beacom- “Jazzy Sunglasses” | Information about sunglasses Says:

    […] A jazzy encounter « Maya's Amalgam […]

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