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Until last year, I didn’t know copywriting was actually a job. Cases like this menu show how CRUCIAL it is to have all kinds of text written by professionals! I was very tempted to laugh about this sentence, it can really be interpreted in cynical ways, but I’m positive that’s not how they meant it. I think they meant that they love vegetarians as much as they love eating chicken. But it still wouldn’t make sense. If you know who wrote this, please, slap them for me. With this, I wish you a beautiful bright day! 🙂 hasta mañana

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12 Responses to “Chicken on the menu”

  1. Na Says:

    hmmmm I recognized the restaurant u must be talking about…. gonna go take a look at the menu tomorrow 😉

  2. Wissam Says:

    Professionalism? in Lebanon… come on Maya…you know better…
    Every vegetable seller (khodarji) openned “cable internet” at some point…

  3. nightS Says: have no idea how rare these professional people are here in Lebanon…I’m in the Web Development domain..and I see similar content sent by clients(sometimes worse) everyday…

  4. darinerachkidy Says:

    the logo of this Pedro’s is a bit familiar…hummmm
    loooolllllllll…i guess they intended to mean that the chicken was vegeterian ** (when she was alive)..!!

  5. TanToun Says:

    nice idea maya

  6. Tony Says:

    “Until last year, I didn’t know copywriting was actually a job. Cases like this menu show how CRUCIAL it is to have all kinds of text written by professionals!”

    I will disagree with your opinion here, I do not think it is crucial that all kinds of text be written by professionals, you see this text passed some sort of quality test, by some marketing or manager person, therefore it is what that person wanted, now if the quality of persons that do these tests or write these sucks is horrible it is not a valid excuse as to why all text should be written by professionals, after all the only one to suffer is the restaurant in question, nothing more, it was his messed up decision. And I am sure that most amateurs can write better text than this, the problem here is the one in charge of allowing such text to pass along. If the guy who actually wrote this managed to sell it, then he/she is a genius and the level of professionalism at that restaurant is sad

  7. Wissam M Says:

    And you ask why people think you are a vegetarian?

  8. qussa Says:

    I like your logical reasoning but as a vegetarian I’ve heard this ‘joke’ soooo many times… ‘but you can eat chicken, because chickens are vegetarian!’ or ‘you can eat beef, because cows are vegetarian’…

    Ha. Ha. It’s so dumb I don’t even answer those ‘jokes’ anymore…

    (Oh and I once used one of ‘Pedro’s’ ads in a class about meat and feminism. They’re really really offensive to women as well.)

  9. Zouzeta Says:

    i like! poor writer…. i thnk he is dead by now or he committed suicide after reading your blog :))

  10. JOBOX Says:

    professionalism in Lebanon= ZERO

  11. edualc Says:

    ZERO = professionalism in Lebanon

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