Trip to Batroun



































































I wish we only worked 1 day a week and had the 6 others off.. In a world of my own that would be the case! By the way, I didn’t know flying kites was so complicated. It was a really fun thing to do, and most importantly for Lara Z to be able to shoot the concept ‘go fly a kite’ for her flickr images that you can see by clicking here. I advise you to go to Batroun before the summer is over, it’s a beautiful city. Oh and thank you all so much for the lovely suggestions you made last time about places to go in Lebanon.  I have to say I now have a long list, and will keep you all updated on the trips and adventures. Have a beautiful day! 🙂

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6 Responses to “Trip to Batroun”

  1. nahil Says:

    wel 3alam sheyfin 7aloun b batroun maba3rif leh 😀 all they got is a piece of a squeezed lemon

  2. edualc Says:

    “I wish we only worked 1 day a week and had the 6 others off”
    Well that’s the answer, I told you Maya…

    Very early in the morning, I wish your wish comes true in a way or another.

    Have a beautiful day!!

  3. darinerachkidy Says:

    Batroun is a very authentic city.. u should have passed by the old churches, the old bay…the night life..
    batroun festival was amazing ..i went to wael’s was crazy..
    each July, Batroun celebrates a religious ceremony for the “mina wel siyédin” the prayers are done on the shore /open air and the church is transfered to a small “flouka” to pray for the fisherman.. the traditional standard of living of the batroun’s so geniune!!
    i’m not from Batroun but i love their lifestyle..
    good luck Maya

  4. Lara Z (the sis) Says:

    hahahahahhahah flying a kite WAS really complicated !!!! It ruined our uptopic idea of kites 😛 we had a great day and looking fwd to our next adventureeeee !

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You and your sis are my two favorite people, although most of our communication is virtual 🙂

  6. Paola Says:

    Maya, I’m in the Middle of the Czech Republic, have spent the whole day presenting my organisation, demonstrating female condoms and whatnot, and it’s on days like that that i’m SO grateful for your blog, thanks for taking my mind away!!! Btw, love your sister’s pictures!

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