RFI radio show & Future TV

Hello my darlings, no time for a post today, only some quick updates!

As a result of tuesday’s meeting, we (Blogging Beirut, Beirut NTSC, Chroniques Beyrouthines, Jad Bitar & I) met for a radio show for Atelier des medias with Philippe Couve that you can happily listen to on Saturday morning on Radio Liban 96.2 and of which you can get a sneak preview on Blogging Beirut. I don’t know the exact timing yet but will let you know as soon as I do… [Updated] You can listen to it here.

In other news, 😛 I will be in a live (oh no!) interview onFuture TV’s morning show today thursday at 10:30 am (if everything goes fine) to talk about the book & blog.

Other than that, preparing for the signings and events to come in October, which is not a very easy job… With this, I wish you all a lovely day! 🙂

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One Response to “RFI radio show & Future TV”

  1. darinerachkidy Says:

    i think u should reconsider the timing of ur media appearances??!!! should be after “bloggers’ supporters” office hours ..don’t u think?? anyway good luck…!

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