Ain’t no smoking 2nite!

First, I am so sorry for posting so slowly lately 😦 (Too much work and I’m late in all of it and doing my best to finish asap to tell you about it).

That said, today I will show you the poster I illustrated for ‘Ain’t No Smoking 2nite‘ event that will take place in Gemmayze on October 28th in 35 pubs. The reason I was approached for the design of the poster is this anti-smoking in closed areas post. I hope this will become a regular thing and not just a one night event. Have a lovely week end 🙂


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16 Responses to “Ain’t no smoking 2nite!”

  1. Liliane Says:

    hahahahah I love that it’s so unconventional! Am so happy for this event as well. I will post about this event as well

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  3. Serpico Says:

    loool very nice illustration! It’s so Lebanese!!

  4. Zerolando Says:

    bedik ma y2oum yefham… ntofe w l7a2ne heheheh

  5. Luke Says:

    Awesome Poster! What a dilemma 🙂

    Are you going to make another one targeted to girls though?

  6. Armigatus Says:

    Smoke free night #2 in Gemmayzeh…

    Yay to Roteract for organising the 2nd smoke free evening in Gemmayzeh, entitled Ain’t No Smoking 2-nite, on October 28 2009.
    According to their Facebook page, the following 35 venues (as of today) will allow you to enjoy your evening without hav…

  7. armigatus Says:

    Excellent initiative!

  8. darinerachkidy Says:

    good news….i told u that last year we used to go to some of gemayze pubs (on wednesday if i remember correctly) and enjoy a smoking free night..i will definetly go, too many of my non-smokers friends will go to… CU there
    yalla maybe u’ll sketch the croud (me inclusive)…heheheheheheeee go gemayze goooooo!!!!

  9. marillionlb Says:

    I guess I will be the only one staying home that night and lighting up !!!

  10. mc Says:

    aucun pouvoir marillionlb 🙂

    I’ll wash my hair with a good smelling shampoo and I’ll come 😉

  11. nahil Says:

    hahaha nice illustration 😀 i like that taffiya wel 7a2ne .. 3al 7emem hahaha am sure ra7 yotfiya

  12. Jaya Hardy Says:

    It is a general assumption that, if you quit smoking then you have to suffer with lot of withdrawal effects that may damage your health adversely.

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  14. Moe Says:

    loooool …… 7abbet hehe salbe …

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    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by mayazankoul: ‘Ain’t no smoking 2nite’ event poster design

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    […] event that took place discussing the dangers of smoking. The entry states that bloggers claimed the event was a failure because most pubs did not become smoke-free. It was interesting to see […]

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