I know I said it already on twitter 😛 But I had to say it again here. So here it goes:

I was asked by Philippe El Hage (yes, THAT Philippe El Hage) to design the poster for his upcoming concert, next Tuesday 10 November at Théâtre Monnot. Knowing that Philippe El Hage is one of my all-time favourite pianists, this made me just a little bit happy!!! 🙂 Below is the poster design for you to see and comment on if you’d like:


Few days ago I was glad to see that it was hung in the CCF (Centre Culturel Français)!




Here’s the link to the concert on Live In Beirut, on Facebook, and to the e-poster. Finally, before I leave you to your busy day, here’s one of his songs that I absolutely looove (his solo starting 2’18 is a killer)


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8 Responses to “Unmissable!”

  1. Doha Says:

    lovelyyyyy Maya. sooo lovely

    miss u a lot 🙂

  2. Tweets that mention Unmissable! Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter http://bit.ly/1mpUrK […]

  3. darinerachkidy Says:

    THAT Philippe El Hage…mmm he owes u a pic??!!
    u made for him a poster, how professional!!!

  4. Mira Says:

    really nice poster maya! loved it!

  5. Zerolando Says:

    bravo Maya . I am happy for you.

  6. Nadim Says:

    Who’s the blonde cutie on the dart board ?

  7. nahil Says:

    hahaha @ the board 😀 very clever:! i like the texture too 3al poster and the simple drawings (Y) beautiful

  8. Ghassan Says:

    You can Deny it as much as you want Maya, but there is a small “payback” in this poster!! Did we finally see the “Naughty” side of Maya??
    PS. Love the dart Board:-)

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