Overview of AUB lecture + workshop

Thanks to Rachel Hines for giving me the chance to give the presentation & workshop at AUB today. I had a great time, and met lovely friendly people. We enjoyed drawing some comics, that I’ll share with you as soon as they send them to me. I’ll leave you with some photos.






















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3 Responses to “Overview of AUB lecture + workshop”

  1. mla00 Says:

    Looks like it must’ve been fun! I was look forward to attending another workshop you might have.
    Also, on a side-note, I drove by you in Gemmayze wearing that outfit 😛 (I am not a stalker…)

  2. Tweets Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by […]

  3. Marcus Says:

    I Love the one with the “Flower power every hour, take a shower”
    The kid who sells those flowers in gemaizeh is becoming a gemaizeh icon I tell you!

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