Q & A’s for Agenda Culturel

I was delighted to be the first artist chosen by Agenda Culturel to introduce their new section: illustrated Q & A’s. Here are the four questions and how I answered them. Go get the latest issue of L’Agenda Culturel for more 🙂

It’s in French, and because I love you a lot, I’ve translated them for you 😛

Q1. Que vous apportent les réactions des lecteurs de votre blog?

(Q. What do the reactions of your blog readers bring you?

A. “Haha! Let’s see what my darlings have to say about what I posted last night” They’re my daily bread. Their reactions encourage me, make me laugh & think. My readers are my darlings!)

_ _

Q2. Qui sont les personnes et les éléments qui vous inspirent?

(Q. What are the people and elements that most inspire you ?

A. “What interesting specimens!” Everything around me: electricity problems, traffic problems, internet problems…)

_ _

Q3. Ou vas-tu passer le Nouvel An?

(Q. Where will you spend New Year’s?

A. In my bed! Trying to catch up all the sleepless hours of 2009 that I spent working)

_ _

Q4. Si vous deviez décrire le Liban en une image, que serait-elle?

(Q. If you were to describe Lebanon in one image, what would it be?

A. The image of the Lebanese people, their paradoxes, and their society)

And voilà! Here’s a snapshot of the publication:

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  3. MohammadYaseen Says:


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  5. mc Says:

    j’aime bien la réponse à la question 1 🙂

  6. mc Says:

    et celle de la question 4 aussi…..

    et puis j’aime bien la labné et khiar et banadoura et zeitoun

  7. nahil Says:

    sweet way t o answer these questions 😀 i love the lebanese image! siyara bet3a2id ma3 nawar b alba hahahaha

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