On Exotica’s Christmas Blog

My Different Christmas is Exotica’s Christmas Blog that completes their whole Christmas campaign which encourages people to get creative this season! They approached me to prepare a guest post on their blog, and I was more then happy to participate 🙂 CLick on the image below to view the submission:

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6 Responses to “On Exotica’s Christmas Blog”

  1. Muawiyah Alrawahi Says:

    Really i loved it. It is more than good.
    I am sure i will go over your post since you started.

    I hoped that you did some of them in arabic but any way every thing can be translated.

  2. darinerachkidy Says:

    this is the perfect combination ever….nice job

  3. Emile Says:

    I see your blog from my different chrismas and i think all your drawings are very nice.

  4. Fatima Says:

    Hey Maya,

    I live in Montreal and i really love your caricatures. Seriously, it reminds me Lebanon and its 3aj2a w fawda. It’s very funny. I like it.

  5. JOBOX Says:

    This year Exotica ad was a cliche they copy that tree from ABC ,
    ABC mall in achrafieh decorated an upside down tree and it is this year as well in abc
    it is a deja vue!
    All exoticas ad are great but on Christmas time they make ordinary ad i donno why

  6. rouba Says:

    LOL! 😀 Lovely!! As usual, Maya’s attention to the smallest details is inspiration to the cutest and funniest cartoons; and this new one doesn’t fail to live up to our expectations 😉
    I too couldn’t help but tilt my head when looking at the exotica billboard 😉 Well done on the campaign Exotica (although I would have loved to see more details, especially the blog URL on the billboard because to be honest, I only understood the whole campaign when someone on Twitter shared the details)

    cheers to both ladies & a merry christmas to all 😉

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