Sent from my laptop – with love!








































Yes, that’s how I will end my emails from now on, because the medium through which we are sending emails seems to be essential nowadays! So I might as well specify that the email was “Sent from my laptop”. Proudly, mind you! 😛

Have a great day my darlings, I’ve got a song for you today, a 2-piano piece by Simeon Ten Holt, Canto Ostinato. Enjoy! 🙂

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30 Responses to “Sent from my laptop – with love!”

  1. Ms. M Says:

    Ha, ha! I always assumed those details were an explanation for why the email was so short/poorly written/full of typos.

  2. Wissam Says:

    lol i hate that 😛
    u feel like a new techie even if u have the widest screen to “be able” to read blog posts … but people are getting these “few inch” screens to get on the mobile wave even if they aren’t able to read anything on the web …
    (just to get up-to-date with the Facebook statuses of their friends …)

  3. Moustafa Says:

    Great post Maya. I take it as a practical point of view because most blackberry phones don’t open attachments. I.e. If someone emails back that signature I know they haven’t had time to properly read my email not because they working 24/7 but they may be in meetings or on travel.

    In relation to personal emails I like to show off I owned an iPhone. 🙂

  4. Beshr Kayali Says:

    Hilarious 😛

    sent from my mind with future technology to interpret it 😛
    lol 😛

  5. Liliane Says:

    hehe yeah, reminds me of msn too… on MSN through iPhone

    Best Regards,
    Sent by my very old pc at work
    Pentium 4
    3GHz CPU
    1.49 GB of Ram (got knows where the 0.01 GB went)
    MS XP Pro v2
    Service pack 2
    17inch non-LCD screen (da big one)

  6. uberVU - social comments Says:

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by mayazankoul: Sent from my good old laptop – With Love!

  7. reine Says:

    i did notice that recently =D

    reine nemer
    sent by an old pc in my univ café =D

  8. darinerachkidy Says:

    ur not the only one living in the stone age,
    sent from my recently updated LCD screen…looool
    this screen which took soooooo many approvals and memos and explanation in the Head office….oh yes

  9. Qusay Says:

    Brilliant 🙂

    I deleted that “sent from my iPhone line” a loooong time ago, why should I tell people that they would expect a reply whenever and wherever I am?

  10. Saad Al Dosari Says:

    Direct to the point Maya …

    It just gives you a sense of the trend of how the modern life is affecting us; we mostly check our emails on the go!!
    I believe we should really start studying if reading an email on a laptop or on a blackberry would affect or change our decisions or even replies!!

    Another great post … keep it up …

    sent from my new iPhone with love 🙂

  11. Tweets Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by […]

  12. JOBOX Says:

    Funny as usual

  13. marillionlb Says:

    Very funny and true !

    Sent via ogero land line and telepathy.

  14. Reem Says:

    Hi there! 😀
    I bought your comic when I went to Lebanon to visit my grandma, and I absolutely loved it!
    I gave it to all my friends to read it – and they loved it too!
    Your blog is great, very entertaining.
    Thought I’d stop by and let you know 😉

    Thank you ❤

  15. Delirious Says:


  16. Mimo Says:

    Hahahahaha!! Good one Maya!!!

  17. Mimo Says:

    Love the music too!!

  18. Charbel Saad Says:

    Great post, Maya!

    Though the thing is that the signature “sent from my iPhone/Blackberry/etc.” comes by default on all the new smartphones, and most of the users don’t really know how to change it.

    So it’s more of an advertisement for the product than a “prestige” act.

  19. mc Says:

    “google phone is out already”
    hahahahahaha it’ the best !!!!

    sent from my kitchen 😉

  20. mc Says:

    sent with some strawberries 🙂

  21. LebNerd Says:

    The nerd in me can’t help but point out that the google phone is out *already* at

    Posted form my google phone 😉

    PS: I love how your friends phone matches her clothes

  22. Tone Says:

    Maya, I LOVE your blog!!!

    Kind regards from Tone

    This email was sent from Norway… 😉

  23. @aymanitani Says:

    it is official, this is my new signature:

    sent from my laptop – with love

  24. Jillian C. York Says:


    To be fair though, Maya, I only keep the “sent from my iPhone” signature so that people will be less critical if I make typos!

  25. VictoriaSiempre Says:

    This is becuase you don’t have an iPhone or a Blackberry, typical Lebanese Attitude. I’m sure your post will change when u get either one loool I look forward to read it

  26. Bethany Says:

    Hysterical! I love the blond in all the tatty designer clothes… quintessentially Lebanese..

    BTW- I’ve always been under the impression that these signatures are unmodifiable factory settings…

  27. Liliane Says:

    I just noticed that when i send an email (well from my iphone) it writes “Sent from my iphone”

    Am sorry, I didn’t know until today that it writes that, please don’t judge me 😛

  28. Patria Says:

    Mayaaa! Long time didnt check ur blog!!!
    Wait i’ll have to catch up! 🙂
    Fun like usual!

  29. Anya Says:

    how about adding simply: “sent from the Mercedes Benz Microwave”

  30. Skinny Andy Says:

    wow! very nice post.. i am really annoyed on people who put sent from my expensive phone sh!t.. haha 😀

    nice illustrations too!

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